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Who we are

Our company was founded in Argentina in 2001, encouraged by our enterprising passion and a clear goal — improving pets’ lives through the development, manufacturing, selling and distribution of the best complete nutritional solutions.

That is how we turned into the first Latin American company in entering into a research agreement with a national university, creating our first own R&D Center at the School of Veterinary Sciences, National University of the Center of Buenos Aires Province (UNICEN), located in Tandil.

We are the only company that carries out research and manufactures in Argentina. Our products, supported by nutrition expert vets, are sold only at veterinary clinics and pet shops.

Our contribution

At Vitalcan, we not only strive to develop the best pet food, but also collaborate in many different ways with governmental and non-governmental entities that work for animal welfare. The following are some of the entities we support:

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Mascotas de la Ciudad and its associated NGOs

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Soplo de Vida

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Proyecto 4 Patas

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Refugio Gapra


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Asociación Civil Titucha

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Fundación Zaguates

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Educational activities such as Patita Patita Cat and dog training entities

From Argentina to the world

We are distinguished by permanently innovating in order to provide a wide portfolio of products for the different market segments both domestically and internationally, taking Argentine raw material quality to the world.

Currently, Vitalcan products nurture cats’ and dogs’ vitality in Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador, among other countries all over the world.

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