Vitalcan’s Game-Changing Move: Introducing Insect Protein to Animal Nutrition in Argentina

Vitalcan’s Game-Changing Move: Introducing Insect Protein to Animal Nutrition in Argentina

Vitalcan’s Game-Changing Move: Introducing Insect Protein to Animal Nutrition in Argentina 1024 725 Vitalcan

In a very important step towards sustainability, Vitalcan revolutionizes animal nutrition in Argentina through a pioneering alliance with Procens, creating solutions for a market segment that goes after new sources of healthy and sustainable insect-based proteins.

In a scenario where sustainability becomes increasingly important, Vitalcan, industry-leader in animal nutrition innovation and socio-environmental protection, announces its strategic alliance with Procens. This cooperation represents a significant landmark in animal nutrition. Vitalcan is planning to include insect-based protein in part of its broad portfolio. The overriding goal of this cooperation is to leverage a circular economy model that transforms insects in high-quality protein for pet nutrition and organic amendment for crops.

Vitalcan – well-known for its commitment to quality and animal wellbeing, and for the development of new nutritional proposals – positions as the first company in Argentina in introducing this novelty practice for pet food. By including insect-based nutrients, Vitalcan will not only promote animal health and vitality, but also environmental sustainability. Animals will benefit from high value protein-enriched nutrition, while the environment will benefit from reduced contamination and the promotion of regenerative and more efficient agricultural practices.

In today’s world, the cooperation between Vitalcan and Procens underscores the importance of adopting innovative and sustainable approaches to address current socio-environmental challenges. “In a world where pet nutrition is essential for animal wellbeing and long life, this alliance revolutionizes the very same concept of animal feeding. By offering cats and dogs nutrition enriched with insect-based nutrients, obtained from a 100% natural productive process, not only does the quality of life of our pets improve, but also awareness is raised among pet owners on the importance of choosing sustainable and high quality food options,” explained Hugo Thorel, Director, R&D and Quality, Vitalcan.

Procens emerges as a leading figure in the promotion of sustainable options at scale through its regenerative and circular economy model. The company demonstrates how innovation and collaboration can transform by-products into new, high value-added resources, reducing the environmental footprint and benefiting society as a whole. As this technology evolves, the positive results obtained in animal nutrition can be extended to other sectors, consolidating a cycle of intertwined benefits.

“We at Procens are happy to celebrate this new strategic alliance with a leader in the animal feed industry, such as Vitalcan, and to push together for a transition to a more sustainable model through the development of products incorporating 100% natural, high quality insect-based ingredients. By placing the three-pillar sustainability model at the heart of this common development, we are convinced that our organizations share a long-term vision, human values and a concern for the environment. We will continue working with Vitalcan to fulfill our purpose of preserving, encouraging and regenerating life on earth,” said Julien Laurençon, Co-Founder and CEO, Procens.

The alliance between Vitalcan and Procens goes far beyond industry boundaries, setting a valuable precedent in the search for sustainable solutions. “Both companies are determined to continue promoting practices that not only drive each business forward, but also contribute to the well-being of the planet and future generations. In a world that demands action and accountability, this alliance represents an exciting chapter in the sustainability and innovation narrative,” concluded from Vitalcan.

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